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07 Oct '19

Wonderment (EN)

Fillip Studios podcast EP01

A series about arts and science produced by Fillip Studio’s, alumni of the ArtEZ academy.

18 Sep '19

Elizabeth Losh on the hashtag

Radio ArtEZ, season 3, episode 1

In this first episode of the third season we will take a look at the hashtag. In the closing weeks of the last semester, we were visited by Elizabeth Losh who talked about the subject at length.

05 Aug '19

Nagesprek vertoning documentaire Man Made van Sunny Bergman.

Diversity Stories, season 2, episode 5

In deze (Nederlandstalige) aflevering een reportage over een bijeenkomst van de feministische leesgroep De kunst van het feminisme waar de documentaire Man Made van Sunny Bergman bekeken werd.

24 Jun '19

Krzysztof Czyżewski (Borderland) & Quining Chen

Diversity Stories, season 2, episode 4

This episode consists of 2 items: a presentation by Krzysztof Czyżewski from Borderland and a presentation by a student from the ISC, Quining Chen, including a song he made.

27 May '19

Patricia Kaersenhout, Simone Zeefuik en Veronique Efomi

Diversity Stories, season 2, episode 3

In deze (Nederlandstalige) aflevering een reportage over de bijeenkomst Guess who’s coming to dinner too? op 3 april 2019 in De Kerk in Arnhem.

15 May '19

Fillip Studios X Diversity Stories #2

In this second episode we will talk with graduate ArtEZ student Thomas van den Bliek and talk about his graduation research, tactile and 'warm' techniques, conversation pieces, art and the value of money.

29 Apr '19

Stefan Kaegi from the artists’ collective Rimini Protokoll

Diversity Stories, season 2, episode 2

The second episode of the podcast Diversity Stories, season 2, consists of an interview with Stefan Kaegi, from the famous artists’ collective Rimini Protokoll, by Janet Schreurs, Barbara Braniff and and Lotte Wandel.

Roos Meerman & Tom Kortbeek (Photo: Zefanja Hoogers)
15 Apr '19

Fillip Studios X Diversity Stories #1

Hurray, a new podcast series about science and art! Every month the founders of Fillip Studios, Tom Kortbeek and Roos Meerman, will make a new podcast in collaboration wil ArtEZ studium generale.

03 Apr '19

With Rajae El Mouhandiz and Mariane Cortez Meirelles

Diversity Stories, season 2, episode 1

A new season of the podcast Diversity Stories with in the first episode a beautiful personal story of Rajae El Mouhandiz and a presentation by Mariane Cortez Meirelles, student of the Master Fashion Strategy, about what home means to her.

27 Mar '19

Diversity Stories, season 1

The podcast entitled Diversity Stories presents a kaleidoscopic interpretation of the topic of diversity from a student’s perspective.

27 Mar '19

Loose Fit

about diversity in fashion

One size fits all or one size fits nobody? Listen to the podcast about inclusivity, diversity and a more embodied way of fashion.