Wermke & Leinkauf

07 October 2016

Visual artist Matthias Wermke (1978) and filmmaker Mischa Leinkauf (1977) grew up in Berlin in the 1990s, when they learned to value and exploit the city’s possibilities. Doing a handstand on a church tower, driving across Berlin’s metro network in a home-made cart, climbing a skyscraper in Tokyo: the actions undertaken in their multimedia video installations are often illegal and almost invariably physically dangerous. It could be described as situationism meets Jackass. One of them performs the act, the other one records it on camera – unannounced and without spectators. They are in search of the city dweller’s possibilities for play in the overregulated city.

Wermke & Leinkauf taught the workshop ‘Play Time’ at U staat hier on 10 November 2016. The workshop result is the video Circulation.


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Art, the city and the future

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