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Our guests and partners

The Studium Generale programme is established in collaboration with students and teachers at ArtEZ and many other artists and researchers. Here you can find an overview of all our guests and partners.

Timotheus Vermeulen

Timotheus Vermeulen is a scholar and critic. He is associate professor in Media, Culture and Society at the University of Oslo, Norway and Director of the PhD Programme in Media Studies. His research interests include cultural theory, aesthetics, and close textual analysis of film, television and contemporary art.

Vermeulen is the author of the monograph Scenes from the Suburbs (EUP, 2014) and joint editor with Martin Dines of New Suburban Stories (Bloomsbury, 2013). Together with Alison Gibbons and Robin van den Akker he further edited Metamodernism: Historicity, Affect and Depth after Postmodernism (Rowman & Littlefield, 2017). 'Notes on Metamodernism', an essay he co-wrote with van den Akker, was translated and published in book form in Germany as Anmerkungen zur Metamoderne (Textem, 2016).

Vermeulen publishes in academic and popular contexts alike, writing for amongst others The Journal of Aesthetics and Culture, Screen, Monu, The American Book Review, E-Flux, Texte Zur Kunst, Tank, Metropolis M, and De Groene Amsterdammer, as well as various reference works, collections and catalogues. From 2009 to 2016 Vermeulen helped maintain the now defunct arts and culture platform Notes on Metamodernism.

Timotheus Vermeulen gave a lecture for the programme Surfen & Duiken.

Something Altogether Weirder

A Meeting On Metamodernism with Timotheus Vermeulen

lecture31 May '18

A New Dawn

one day festival24 May '13

Surfing & Diving

A one day festival on depth and meaning in a world of superficial temptations.

one day festival07 Nov '14

Just Another Day

Quite simple a festival to celebrate the power of the everyday.

one day festival14 Feb '14