Thijs Ebbe Fokkens

25 January 2017

The work of Thijs Ebbe Fokkens (1981) can be read as a story that alludes to scientific and religious endeavors that people undertake to get a grip on the world. It - combinations of drawings, photographs, models and installations - derives from the desire to capture significance and the search for an ideal vantage point to do so, to get a good look at notions about our selves, our tech, nature, time and other narratives.

To orientate and position oneself in regard to such complex notions a view is needed that takes a lot of things into account simultaneously. Fokkens’ trail of thoughts and actions thus ends up creating a space, not stating a point. Altogether it promises to provide the means to reflect, contemplate, speculate and wonder.

Lost in Transition

Identity in a changing world

one day festival16 Mar '17