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Our guests and partners

The Studium Generale programme is established in collaboration with students and teachers at ArtEZ and many other artists and researchers. Here you can find an overview of all our guests and partners.

Svenja S Schennach

Svenja S Schennach (Skogen) is an artist working with Artistic Research: It allows her to follow her visions and transdisciplinary research across forest science, forest pedagogy, Indigenous wisdom, dance/performance, architecture, philosophy, psychology, etc. A vision of worlds as forests again, based on the ecofeminist science-fiction novel by writer Ursula K. Le Guin: THE WORD FOR WORLD IS FOREST.

She believes in complexity as a concept that can only be understood or thought through the embodiment of trees, becoming them. She sees trees as architecture, as art, as science. And tries to find ways of making that visible. Artistic Research is an ongoing process, ways of constantly being inconstant, supporting and in need of support.

Future Art School; (Un)learning Practices | donderdag 30 november ochtend

Programme Thursday 30 November

conference30 Nov '23

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