06 January 2016

The ruru huis is a space in the centre of Arnhem, set up by the Indonesian collective ruangrupa, curators of Sonsbeek 2016, entitled transACTION. The ruru huis is open from Thursday to Saturday, 13.00-18.00. It aims to collect and generate local collaborations, affinities and stories. The ruru buitendienst is a research group working from the ruru huis who explore public space.

ruangrupa is an art collective from Jakarta, Indonesia, founded in 2000 to facilitate an infrastructure for community based art practices. ruangrupa consist of about 40 artists, curators, architects, writers and historians that are all invested and interested in the collective right to the city, presented in a variety of ways, from exhibitions, to community projects, open air cinema, karaoke, radio, research projects and many more.
Eef Veldkamp is an ArtEZ Fine Arts graduate and member of the ruru buitendienst, a research group, working from the ruru huis, exploring public space. As part of the buitendienst, Eef is setting up the Vakbond voor Transgressie, which supports transgression as an act of resistance and proposition for an alternative model for society.

ruangruppa, Eef Veldkamp and ruruhuis gave a workshop at Chaos & Conflict on 12 February 2016.

Chaos & Conflict

one day festival12 Feb '16