Robin van den Akker

24 May 2013

Robin van den Akker is a cultural philosopher at Erasmus University Rotterdam (NL) and Erasmus University College (NL), as well as a guest researcher at TNO Information and Communication Technology. He teaches, writes and speaks on contemporary aesthetics and culture, the digitization of everyday life and social space and social time.

He also co-coordinates the ‘Centre for Art and Philosophy’ and acted as advisor for various art exhibitions and cultural events. Robin and Timotheus Vermeulen are founding editors of Notes on Metamodernism. They are currently working on a monograph on the topic.

A New Dawn

one day festival24 May '13

Something Altogether Weirder

A Meeting On Metamodernism with Timotheus Vermeulen

lecture31 May '18

Surfing & Diving

A one day festival on depth and meaning in a world of superficial temptations.

one day festival07 Nov '14