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Our guests and partners

The Studium Generale programme is established in collaboration with students and teachers at ArtEZ and many other artists and researchers. Here you can find an overview of all our guests and partners.

Paula Chaves Bonilla

Paula Chaves Bonilla is a Colombian choreographer, performer and queer activist based in Amsterdam. Born and raised within the boom of narco-paramilitarism and the expansion of globalised politics, she conceives art as a survival strategy and device able to hack the hegemonic power structures at play. She studied dance and circus in Bogotá, New York and Berlin and later obtained a degree in Choreography at the University of the Arts in Amsterdam (AHK). Since 2015 she works as a professional choreographer and her works have been presented in: Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany. In 2019 Chaves Bonilla became an artist of 'Veem House for Performance' and in 2020 part of the 'Life Long Burning' platform, one of the biggest dance platforms in Europe. She was awarded the 3Package Deal fund for International Talents by AFK for the year 2019-2020 within the ‘engaged art’ coalition. Marked by her migratory paths, Chaves Bonilla's artistic research is located at the intersection of non-western feminist practices, journalism, dance and fiction as sites where to imagine transnational, anti-capitalist and anti-colonial modes of existence.

Embodied Activism

TOXIC PERFORMATIVITIES // EXPLOSIVE LIMBS, activist reading group with guest Paula Chavez

reading group03 Mar '20