Our Machine

30 January 2017

Our Machine is a collective that focuses on visualizing music in every way possible. It was founded by Mark Klaverstijn and Paul du Bois-Reymond. From the beginning the music and club scene has been their playing field. Whether they are designing a festival identity for brands both large and small or creating a record sleeve for a local hero, their objective is always to discover uncharted visual territories. In a time when vinyl records were still far from trendy, Machine set out to create its very own ‘Blue Note oeuvre’, by dedicating itself to the design of numerous album covers for Amsterdam-based record label Kindred spirits. In 2016 Machine’s own experimental label was launched, Ourmachine Records. It will publish self-produced music and remakes by friends in the music business. Klaverstijn: ‘The idea is to produce a sleeve for each project that goes further than conventional music packaging. Now that music is no longer a tangible product, it is interesting to turn this product into a trophy that transcends the functionality of the packaging and becomes an experience.’ Our Machine and Gaby Zwaan teach the workshop Branding identities.


Lost in Transition

Identity in a changing world

one day festival16 Mar '17