Noam Toran

28 September 2017

Noam ToranNoam Toran’s work involves the creation of intricate narratives developed as a means of reflecting upon the interrelations of history, memory, and storytelling as embodied in cinematic, literary, and performative forms. Research-based, the works examine how fictions influence the collective consciousness and are realised through an original way of reconfiguring narrative codes, conventions and structures, interweaving them with historical materials. His work is exhibited, screened and published internationally.
In May 2017, Noam Toran presented The Jungle, the first in a series of immersive works drawing on the traditions of political theatre and performing arts from the first half of the 20th century. The work is based on the 1906 novel of the same name by Upton Sinclair and is considered to be a classic ‘muckraking’ exposé on the dehumanising labour practices of the Chicago meat-packing industry. ‘I was drawn to Upton Sinclair’s novel because his depiction of working class struggles, corporate corruption, and the failures of capitalism are depressingly relevant to this day.’


one day festival09 Nov '17