Meg Stuart

13 February 2015

photo Meg Stuart: Eva Wuêrdinger

Margaret "Meg" Stuart Freeman (born 1965 in New Orleans) is an American choreographer and dancer based in Brussels, Belgium.

During De Grote Geheugen Show on 13 february 2015 Meg Stuart (choreographer) gave the workshop Moving the Archive and afterwards she was interviewed by Sarah Meuleman. In Hunter, her first evening-length solo, choreographer Meg Stuart explores her own body as an archive populated with personal and cultural memories, ancestors and artistic heroes, fantasies and invisible forces. Where is the physical memory located in our body? How do we move from a memory and still be present in the here and now? How to articulate trauma and dead zones? Sarah Meuleman talked about these and many other questions with Meg Stuart.

The Great Memory Show

A one day festival on the brain and art

one day festival13 Feb '15