Marijke De Roover

16 December 2019

Performance artist Marijke De Roover lives and works in Ghent (BE). Her early work focuses on the meaning of identities and the performative aspect of its creation. In previous projects she has researched grass roots politics and the relation between presidential campaigning and Greek Theatre (You can’t spell America w/o me, 2013), how identities exist on the internet in relation tot pop culture (The Selfie Song, 2013), Mormon Lifestyle and musical (A Mitt Summer Night’s Dream, 2014) and the cult of health (Is bio the new avant garde, 2015) and religion (Cosmic Latte, 2016). In her latest works she is dealing with questions regarding the nuclear family, feminism/motherhood, ethics of reproduction, and love, romance and compulsory heteronormativity under late capitalism.

The Roadmap to Equality in the Arts in the Netherlands

A conference that addresses the under-representation and misrepresentation of women artists, WOC and nonbinary artists

conference18 Jan '20