Isis Germano

24 January 2018

Isis Germano is a writer, a thinker and a researcher. She likes using power tools, but does not excel at it. Presumably she is more interested in the aesthetic impact of wielding an impact drill than in the actual DIY. Her approach to knitting is both continental and Anglo-Saxon, allowing her to easily combine several colours of wool in a project. The same typical flexibility can be seen in her research, that combines theatre studies, visual theory, gender studies and cognitive science to analyse how we represent ‘The Child’, in the theatre and beyond. Isis approaches the spectator’s view of the child as embodied, relational and active in order to understand how the way we look at children is connected with culturally determined ideas about adulthood: about who we are ourselves.

Isis’ master thesis entitled Between Stage, Brain and Body: Using Cognitive Science to Flesh Out the Embodied Act of Looking won the first prize for the best academic thesis and the first prize for the best thesis in theatre studies in The Netherlands and Flanders. When she is not doing research, she is teaching dramaturgy, media studies and cultural studies, gender studies, art criticism and sometimes even something completely different. In the summer she disappears to a place in the woods where she gives workshops in creative writing and theatre. Isis is a guest in the ‘Tools for engagement programme: Three stories about sex, rituals and intimacy’.

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