Isis Freitas Vale Germano

24 January 2018

I’m a teacher, lecturer and researcher in the arts, with a focus on visuality and on genderdiversity and decolonisation.

I have been active as a theatre maker and dramaturg sinds 2006, and in the summers you can still find me giving workshops in creative writing and performance in the forest. I have worked as a teacher in Media and Culture for Utrecht University between 2014 and 2019 where I was nominated for the teaching talent prize in 2016. I’ve worked for ArtEZ University of the Arts since 2018. Here I’ve coördinated the Honours Programme, I work as researcher, writer and lecturer for Studium Generale, I mentor students in the Academy of Theatre and Dance in their research and I work on decolonising and depatriarchalising the curriculum. As a freelancer I work as advisor for questions concerning diversity and inclusion, storytelling and visual representation.

My expertise lies in visual dramaturgy and storytelling in relation to matters of diversity, gender, disability, age and whiteness: to how humans see feel and think about themselves and of those they perceive as ‘different’. Research topics you can wake me up for in the middle of the night, are embodied and enactive approaches to cognitive science (4EA cognitive science and neurophilosophy), critical appproaches to childhood and adulthood and disability, queer theory and feminist philosophy.

Also: I love knitting, I’m ruthlessly precise about knitting technique, and I love handling a jigsaw. My cats are called Pluto Mustafah the Great and Louisa Catharina the Soft. I have a bi-cultural background as a white queer Latina, and my mother tongue is Brasilian-Portuguese. My cultural background and life experience are rich and diverse and an important part of what I bring into my work in terms of knowledge and empathy.

I am co-auteur of Bleeker, Maaike & Germano, Isis (2014). Perceiving and Believing: An Enactive Approach to Spectatorship. Theatre Journal, 66 (3). Author of Germano, Isis (2017). So Cute, So Creepy: Children Undoing the Human in Hamilton Complex. Performance Research, 23 (1). I’m proud that my thesis “Between Stage, Brain and Body: Using Cognitive Science to Flesh Out the Embodied Act of Looking” was awarded first price for the best academic thesis in the humanities, and first price for best thesis in theatre studies in Flanders and the Netherlands, that I wrote it while breastfeeding a child and nurturing another, and that my teaching on the thinking body and neurophilosophy has been evaluated by students as transformational and mind expanding.

You can reach me at for all ArtEZ matters, and at
for my freelance work.

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