Henk Wildschut

14 February 2014

Henk Wildschut (Harderwijk, NL, 1967) studied at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and lives and works in Amsterdam.

He began his Shelter series in 2005. In 2010, this resulted in the book Shelter and the film ‘4.57 Minutes Back Home’ In 2011 his book Shelter was awarded with the Kees Scherer prize for the best Dutch photobook of the years 2009/2010. And he won with Shelter the prestigious Dutch Doc 2011 Award for best documentary project. Wildschut was commissioned by the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam to work on the topic of Food. After two year this resulted in the book Food and in a exhibition in the Rijksmuseum. Due to the emerging refugee crisis in Europe, Wildschut re started to visit Calais in the January 2015. He documented the rise and fall of the informal refugee camp, also known as ‘The Jungle”. This work resulted in April 2016 in his self published book Ville de Calais. Ville de Calais is mentioned in many list of best book of the year 2017. Its award with the Arles Prix du Livre 2017 and short listed for the Aperture award Best book of the year.

Just Another Day

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