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Hector Aristizábal

11 January 2016

Hector Aristizábal was born in Medellín (Colombia). He has built a distinguished career for himself as director, actor, playwright, and psychologist. He has lived in exile in the U.S. since 1989, where he continued combining his work as a psychotherapist, theatre artist and a human rights activist. Since 2000 he has been creating projects using theatre, the arts and ritual as laboratories for transformation and healing. Colombia, Guatemala, Northern Ireland, Senegal, U.S., Palestine, India, Nepal, China, Afghanistan, Ukraine and most recently Syria are some of the countries in which Hector has developed his work, accompanying communities in reweaving the social tissue broken by the different forms of violence.

Hector gave a workshop and he gave a lecture  Imagining Piece.

Chaos & Conflict

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