Galit Eilat

16 December 2019

After founding and leading The Israeli Center for Digital Art in Holon in Israel and establishing the Mobile Archive that moves through seventeen art centres and art academies, Galit Eilat moved in 2010 to Amsterdam where she, among other projects was a Research Curator at Van Abbemuseum. Alongside collaborative projects, she curated the exhibition Politics of Collection, Collection of Politics 2010 as part of the Play Van Abbe series of exhibitions. Since 2018 she is director of Meduza Foundation. Her projects seeks to develop conditions that enable collective encounters and experiences, underpinned by a critical view towards the status quo. Deploying eclectic, site-specific projects, often in collaboration with grass root, politically active groups and individuals, Eilat unravels the intertwined themes of political ideology, theology, the nation state and the production of history. In addition to her curatorial activities, Eilat also engages in teaching and has written extensively about art and politics.

The Roadmap to Equality in the Arts in the Netherlands

A conference that addresses the under-representation and misrepresentation of women artists, WOC and nonbinary artists

conference18 Jan '20