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The Studium Generale programme is established in collaboration with students and teachers at ArtEZ and many other artists and researchers. Here you can find an overview of all our guests and partners.

Elke Van Campenhout

Elke Van Campenhout works as an artistic researcher, experimental performer, tarot reader, and body practitioner. Until recently she was the head of research of a.pass (advanced performance and scenography studies) in Brussels: a post-master and PhD-environment for international artists, theoreticians and other workers interested in developing their artistic work in a collaborative and engaged environment. ( Over the past 3 years Elke has developed her personal research project Bureau d’Espoir in several collaborative settings (, in which she has worked on various projects such as Critical Hope, LaZone, Symptomatic Bodies, Hunger and Anorexic Practices, the Natural History Museum of Hope, the Battery Project and the MOBILE MNSTRY.

She also runs the WitchLab body experimentation space Studio La Limite (, a research lab for practitioners from different contexts (tantra, shamanism, yoga, etc.) to compare tools and practice in a shared environment. Elke Van Campenhout taught a workshop together with Caroline Ruijgrok and ICHEE: Intradividual: undoing or transforming fixed identities through three models of listening.

Lost in Transition

Identity in a changing world

one day festival16 Mar '17