Dorothée Munyaneza

06 January 2016

Born in Rwanda, of British nationality, and living in Marseille, Dorothée Munyaneza is a young singer eager for encounters. She studied music in London and Canterbury. In 2006 she entered the contemporary dance scene. Munyaneza was twelve when 800,000 people were murdered in her country. An occurrence which would never leave her. She moved to Great Britain and later established herself in Marseille as a performer, singer and dancer. Twenty years after the gruesome genocide in Rwanda she evinced the courage to look back and tell about it in music, dance, word and gesture. Samedi Détente is a tribute to the genocide victims but also to the musical, happy culture of her youth.

Dorothée Munyaneza gave a workshop at Chaos & Conflict on 12 February 2016.

photo by Richard Schroeder

Chaos & Conflict

one day festival12 Feb '16