Dieuwke Slump

28 September 2020

I have graduated as a theatre teacher and have worked before that as an independent artist and teacher.

I have a broad field of interest, and because of that I like to engage in diverse projects. Among my most recent projects are the developing of networks between schools, art centers, other (cultural) organizations and NTGent, to facilitate and execute plays, workshops and debates; the making of a podcast on the traces we leave behind as artists and how to work with them ethically, philosophically, artistically, for ArtEZ Studium Generale; and a social sculpture- project in the neighbourhood El Raval in Barcelona.

I am concerned with the archive, with the powerstructures that decide what we can remember, which stories are told, and which histories and voices are forgotten. I want to contribute to a history, and thereby a present and a future, that is open for all perspectives. This is for me always the starting point for a workshop, an artwork, a network.

I work horizontally. For me that means a few things. Firstly, I am flexible and I want all people involved in a process to have equal input in that process. There is not one leader who decides the direction (vertical), but a space in which all voices are heard and in which everyone’s input is valued equally. In this, I do have a clear goal in mind and I actively engage my students, audience, passers-by with this goal. Secondly, working horizontally means for me as well the broadening of the work. I use multiple disciplines, bring them in dialogue with each other, to come to new insights and new perspectives. I let fiction and documentation exist side by side. I don’t make a statement, but offer a stage to different points of view, side by side. I work together with empirical experts and experts from other fields.

I love development, failure, not-knowing, always searching.