Astrid Kerchman

16 December 2019

At the moment Astrid Kerchman works as the project coordinator of MOED, Museum of Equality and Difference, a platform for scholars, activists, (cultural) institutions and artists who dedicate themselves to making visible marginalized histories and knowledge perspectives in art, culture, and politics. She was also involved as a guest researcher and campaigner for Mama Cash’s annual Feminist Festival. She is one of the founders and curators of the activist research and exhibition project called Strijd.
Astrid Kerchman graduated at the research master Gender Studies at Utrecht University with research that focuses on the intersections of feminist decolonial thinking, deconstructing “Western” modes of thinking, activism and (visual) art.

The Roadmap to Equality in the Arts in the Netherlands

A conference that addresses the under-representation and misrepresentation of women artists, WOC and nonbinary artists

conference18 Jan '20