Amalia Kallergi

23 September 2015

Amalia Kallergi is a Greek Computer Scientist that graduated in 2006 at the Media Technology Department of Leiden University with the project “Provocative Tactics in the Museum Territory”. In 2007-08 she worked as a scientific programmer for the Imaging & Bioinformatics group, Leiden University. Meanwhile, teaching at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, trying to lure artists into the beauty of programming.

In 2012 she defended her PhD research “Connecting the dots: Playful interactions with scientific image data in repositories”, investigating playfulness as a desirable attribute of a scientist’s interaction with scientific image. From 2010 till mid 2013, she worked as a (part-time) scientific manager for The Arts & Genomics Centre, coordinating subsequent editions of the Leiden University honours class on bioart. Today, she is making her way as an independent researcher and creator.

Amalia Kallergi gaf bij Frankenstein Festival: Homo Technicus op 6 november 2015 de workshop ‘Bio Art’.

Frankenstein Festival

A three-day festival on man and art in a technological future

one day festival06 Nov '15