HALT: ally and partner

Student initiative committed to improving intersectional inclusivity within ArtEZ

21 October 2020

From our ongoing research into how we can achieve and contribute to a school that is safe for everyone, with room for differences and attention for unheard stories and solidarity, we commit ourselves as ally and partner to the student initiative HALT. We will pay attention to their projects on our website and social media and we also actively look for opportunities for collaboration. HALT introduces itself here in our newsletter. You can follow their initiatives via Instagram.

"Hi! We are 'Hungry, Angry, Late and Tired', HALT for short, a student initiative within ArtEZ. We are committed to improving intersectional inclusivity within ArtEZ. We want to bridge the gap between students of marginalised groups and the board of ArtEZ. We also want to ensure that inclusivity is integrated into the curriculum of the various study programs, and hold ArtEZ accountable for their actions around these issues."