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Isis Freitas Vale Germano

“I’m a teacher, lecturer and researcher in ArtEZ, and a freelance lecturer and advisor with a focus on storytelling focusing on visuality, embodied cognition and diversity and inclusion. I have worked as a teacher in Media and Culture for Utrecht University between 2014 and 2019 where I was nominated for the teaching talent prize in 2016. I’ve worked for ArtEZ University of the Arts since 2018. I’ve coordinated the Honours Programme, I work as researcher, writer and lecturer for Studium Generale, I mentor students in the Academy of Theatre and Dance in their research and I work on decolonising and depatriarchalising the curriculum. As a freelancer I work as advisor for questions concerning diversity and inclusion, storytelling and visual representation. I have a bi-cultural background as a white queer Latina, and my mother tongue is Brasilian-Portuguese. My cultural background and life experience are rich and diverse and an important part of what I bring into my work in terms of knowledge and empathy”.
online courses

The body and Power(lessness)

Stylized Repetition of Acts

Practice-led symposium on gender and identity: Stylized Repetition Of Acts?

01 Feb '18

SEX & the Sexual Politics of the Gaze

one day festival15 Mar '18

Lost in Transition

Identity in a changing world

one day festival16 Mar '17

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