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Rainforest as methodology: worksheet by Cruda Collective

dossier: Research in and through the arts

Imagine your artistic (research) practice is an ever-growing ecosystem and rainforest. How would you unpack and situate it using ecological principles?

On 20 April 2023, Cruda Collective (Laila Saber Rodriguez and Andrea Galano Toro) ran a workshop with students of the Bio Matters programme at AKI Academy, ArtEZ University of Arts.

‘Rainforest as Methodology’ is a worksheet to help students to think through, situate and inspire their artistic research practice using ideas from nature and ecology. The annotated illustration is designed to guide you through different aspects of your research practice, beginning with the forest floor that composes the artistic foundation and positioning, the understory (creative period), the canopy (network) and eventually, the emergent layer, where the presentation of artworks and research generates meaning in their interaction with audiences and wider contexts.
The workshop Rainforest as Methodology was part of the 2023 Doing (Artistic) Research Programme.