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Hitchhiker Jesus

Graphic made by Kristina Miltcheva

dossier: Online Exhibition: Body and Power(lessness)
Kristina Miltcheva is an experimental multimedia artist studying Graphic Design at ArtEZ. Kristina’s work springs from the anatomy of escapism and seeks for the total immersion of the audience. Fascinated by human interaction with an unfamiliar environment, she constantly imagines alien creatures that inhabit her creations.
This work called Hitchhiker Jesus takes inspiration from futurism, world building and more specifically from the sci-fi movie Tron: Legacy. In the storyline of the movie, we see an outsider who finds himself in an unfamiliar world. He automatically becomes an outcast from that society. Simultaneously, in Kristina's graphic work, every character looks different, yet they all inhabit that one place. Kristina would like to imagine what dynamics would emerge from a society where nobody visibly belongs.

Kristina's graphic is composed of personas and shapes she has drawn in different moments of her life. She wanted to connect those characters and give them a world where they can thrive. Seemingly opposites of each other, those creatures have been brought together. How will they coordinate? Who is the leader? Is it the biggest figure? Does colour matter? The only thing that we can observe in order to make our assumptions is their physicality - their bodies.

This work is part of our online exhibition The body and Power(lessness), on how we physically experience autonomy, power(lessness), (in)justice, care and collectivity. The body and Power(lessness) is our theme of this study year and we invite ArtEZ students to join us in our research and contribute with their own work (video, text, podcast or any other digitally shareable) for an online exhibition.