dossier Rethinking Anthropocene

A story by Rojin Tavassoli, who asks: How we can bring the past and future into life? How bio-art can help in this process?

Part of Living Matters non-exhibition

24 June 2020

“The uncertainty of our life at the moment is the obvious evidence that we need to somehow change our vision of art as a material outside the body into a material which involves the body or living things. I started to think and observe the possibility of gathering my past and save it by using living media; I wanted to grow my memory into the future. Windows were the interesting objects that help me to start my investigation. Windows are the very first object in a building that connects one to the outside world - a strong phenomenon that helps one to feel safe and, at the same time, to feel power that one can see and that can be seen without physical connection. The thin layer of glass is framed with wood or metal to protect our privacy and to provide us with natural light: what if we could capture their living nature and grow them in the lab?

I used the recipe of bioplastic based on agar with nutrition to capture samples from a few windows that I passed in the last weeks and try to grow living things which I got from those windows. The aim of this investigation is to satisfy my curiosity about how I could grow my memory and preserve it in the future.”