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dossier Rethinking Anthropocene

A story by Eric Bari, who asks: How can we rethink/re-use our wastage to create resources to gain knowledge, as well as understanding the value of our surroundings?

Part of Living Matters non-exhibition

24 June 2020

“Due to the corona crisis, I changed my way of thinking about my experiments. When I am at university, equipment is provided for us. Being home, I had no equipment, so this means doing experiments from start to finish with nothing. This made me think how dependant we are on the things around us.” Having time to work on wood at his home, Eric collected a lot of sawdust, which he learned to transform into MDF (medium density fibreboard). In addition, he started to ferment food, but not in order to lead more healthy life, but as he explains, he was searching for the smell of his grandparents’ house, as they used to ferment food as well. In this journey into that which seemed to be lost, by experimenting with recipes and DIY techniques with making glue, searching for materials that were labelled as waste, he delved into the complexities and humbleness of what he called “matters of survival.”