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16 Mar '22

Online cursus LAND en online event over manipulatie door technologie

28 Feb '22

Workshop De macht van de maker in Zwolle & Workshop embodied writing in Enschede

26 Jan '22

Online lunch event: Traumasporen in het lichaam

22 Dec '21

Encouraging stories that directly touch on the Christmas spirit

6 Dec '21

Reading Group Body and Power(lessness) with Jules Sturm

1 Nov '21

An invitation to participate in our workshops. And to listen to your body.

4 Oct '21

Body and Power(lessness): an essay, podcast and reading group

1 Sep '21

Welcome to the new school year. What is ArtEZ studium generale? Different students and teachers tell you their stories.

7 Jul '21

'Summer won't be held at all, except in bits, fragments, moments, flashes of memory.'

21 Jun '21

Lacing Lands: moving in relation by Kseniia Anokhina

14 Jun '21

Over het project Verstrengeld, (openbare) ruimte en duurzaam kunstonderwijs

7 Jun '21

A new podcast series Sounding Places / Listening Places

21 Apr '21

Let's defend, protect and celebrate EARTH

14 Apr '21

Workshop & podcast How to be with Plants?

22 Mar '21

First video essay Future Justice

8 Mar '21

Fossiele verbeelding voorbij – in gesprek met Monique Peperkamp

10 Feb '21

Symposium 'My learning is affected by the condition of my life' and second blog Pompadó Martha

13 Jan '21

A critical reflection on the future of art schools, a film interview on Hydrofeminism & new dossier Live and Make Land Otherwise

16 Dec '20

New blogger Pompadó Z.R. Martha, essay POLAR-IZE, Reading List about Feminism & art, Precarious Days part 2 and more

9 Dec '20

Online lunch event with Fiep van Bodegom, Lietje Bauwens, Chihiro Geuzebroek en Jasper Griepink

2 Dec '20

Reminder: 7 December online conversation with Elaine Mitchener

21 Oct '20

Essay Lietje Bauwens, open call APRIA, HALT and Kitchen Table Conversation with Elaine Mitchener

30 Sep '20

Podcast series alumna Dieuwke Slump, APRIA publications and two free online courses

16 Sep '20

LAND: a new and exciting (online) programme with essays, films, podcasts, workshops and lectures

2 Sep '20

What is ArtEZ studium generale?

8 Jul '20

We wish you a joyful, restful and easy summer ☀

1 Jul '20

Podcast Structures of Language, interview dance student Polina Nikolaeva, free tickets Kröller Müller Museum and more

24 Jun '20

Podcast & blog The power of Moroccan Roots Music by Samira Dainan & online exhibition Living Matters

10 Jun '20

SOLIDARITY: A must read and see, an online lunch event and in our podcast: voices messages from the future

27 May '20

3 June: online lunch event - Léon Kruijswijk

20 May '20

Podcast miniseries and full report The Roadmap to Equality in the Arts

13 May '20

Insta poetry by Amara van der Elst & zine Diversity for What?

6 May '20

13 May: online lunch event Ama Josephine Budge X Yolande Zola Zoli van der Heide

22 Apr '20

ACCOUNTABILITY: essay on climate breakdown, online event Ama Josephine Budge & podcast No School

15 Apr '20

CONNECTION: Shy Radicals, podcast No School, No Home, Toolkit Co-Creating & Deep Democracy & online event Chihiro Geuzebroek

8 Apr '20

HOPE: online lunch events & No School podcast

1 Apr '20

Podcast No School Station, an essay on digital education and a wonderful talk about the power of imagination.

25 Mar '20

An illuminating poem from Italy, a call for Future Voices and a talk by Frank Furedi about fear

26 Feb '20

Embodied Activism, podcast about climate breakdown and much more

3 Feb '20

Activistische leesgroep met Rita Ouédraogo, Kitchen Table Conversation with Kevin Osepa, alumna Lotte van den Hoogen and Survey BEAR alumni

13 Jan '20

film screening AMERICAN HONEY, activistische leesgroep met Rita Ouédraogo, Kitchen Table Conversation with Kevin Osepa en een video van Ira Kip

17 Dec '19

Invitation working conference: 18 January The Roadmap to Equality in the Arts ????

9 Dec '19

new podcasts, open call APRIA, HOW ON EARTH & PRECARIOUS NIGHTS

25 Nov '19

Reading group with Barbara Visser, 2 HOW ON EARTH events and the film SORRY TO BOTHER YOU

11 Nov '19

20 Nov Inclusive Urbanism in Zwolle, 21 Nov Joanne Bland in Arnhem & podcast Honours Programme

30 Oct '19

Heske ten Cate, Yuki Kho, JoAnne Bland, Jeremiah Day, Willem Schinkel, Rogier van Reekum, Harriet Bergman & more

16 Oct '19

29 Oct an evening with MOUNIR SAMUEL, 31 Oct HOW ON EARTH film night and changed dates PRECARIOUS NIGHTS film screenings