Workshop: Shy parasiting and a zineculture-inspired event

empowerment trainingWednesday 29 May '19

Zinedepo / Motel Spatie → van Hasseltstraat 75, 6821 AP Arnhem(archive)

Host: Catelijne de Muijnck
English spoken

The reading of Shy Radicals will be followed-up on Wednesday by a workshop co-lead by Hamja Ahsan and Marc van Elburg, who runs the Zinedepo at Motel Spatie in Arnhem. Van Elburg has an ongoing series of projects exploring the parasite as metaphor to address a variety of issues around art, self- organization, zineculture and the contemporary social political situation. The workshop will proposes possibilities of ‘shy parasiting’ and will consist of a constitution mash-up and collective generative drawings. The goal is to see in which ways a given set of rules can potentially be taken over by the shy parasitical gesture that plays with given meanings and stereotypes so that minor shifts and disturbances bend and irritate the existing restrictive order from within.

Partcipants 20 - 30