Translating Real Life: Visual Podcasts and Pitfalls

Kitchen Table Conversation with Kevin Osepa, Boris Saran and Douwe Dijkstra

kitchen table conversationThursday 6 February '20

Schilderlokalen (C1.21 en C1.09) and Canteen ArtEZ Zwolle → Rhijnvis Feithlaan 50, Zwolle(archive)

Host: Mirjam Zegers
English/Dutch spoken
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During this Kitchen Table Conversation we will see some of the results of interesting student projects. Highlights will be selected and reflected upon by today's guest, photographer and filmmaker Kevin Osepa. He will discuss the concepts of home and displacement and talk about working methods and ethics.

In earlier Kitchen Table Conversations we have been exploring strategies for artists to connect with the surrounding world, kindly (or less kindly) exposing blind spots, strengthening people’s resistance to stereotypes, or developing new ways to enhance a sense of belonging. How can artists-educators contribute to a more equitable society?

Students of the Teacher Department Theatre are working in different projects, like the Nomad project (in collaboration with theatre makers PeerGroup and other partners) and Xchange. What strategies did they adopt? What insights did they acquire?

Students of Illustration Design are delving into these themes as well, in a two weeks’ project with visual artist Douwe Dijkstra and journalist Sjoerd Litjens on illustrated podcasts around the themes Home and Belonging. They will interview family members and translate their stories into visual podcasts.


About Kitchen Table Conversations

ArtEZ Studium Generale invites students and teachers of ArtEZ to participate in the Kitchen Table Conversations. The aim of the Kitchen Table conversations is to exchange ideas about how we as artists and people can live and work with and relate to other people in our society. We reflect for example on the notions of home and belonging. Which stories are related to these notions. What makes a home in- or exclusive? We will also look at the aim for diversity and inclusion within ArtEZ as our educational ‘home’.

The Kitchen Table Conversations is an ongoing platform for reading, sharing, researching. It will bring thoughts, questions, texts, objects, performances, door knobs, voices, encounters, cartographies etc. We welcome everyone who wants to hear new ideas and share their own thoughts.

The Kitchen Table Conversations are organized by the Master Education, Corporeal master Interior Architecture, Teacher Department Theatre, Mister Motley online Magazine and ArtEZ studium generale. Its base is Zwolle.