Time Accumulates with Ogutu Muraya

Workshop on experimental orature (literature+orality) by Ogutu Muraya for ArtEZ students

Wednesday 20 January '21 → Thursday 21 January '21

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Host: Aude Christel Mgba
English spoken

Outside, the wind of recurrence blew gently over the earth – Ben Okri

Time accumulates is a workshop part of My learning is affected by the condition of my life, a symposium spread over time by Aude Christel Mgba, which is an experiment of various forms of learning, listening, touching, transmitting and producing knowledge. The workshop Time Accumulates will investigate ways of being and learning together through literature and orality.

The present is a product of a past that is full of unacknowledged and incalculable loss. The political dilemmas in the contemporary world demands on us to face this past and avoid its recurrence by engaging in four key practices as summed up by Professor Boaventura de Sousa Santos: democratize, decolonize, decommodify, and depatriarchalize. Ogutu Muraya is convinced that at the core of these practices is a call on us to unlearn, to unhabit, to re-associate, to rewire and re-order our lived realities, imaginations, perceptions and perspectives. As a theatre – maker and storyteller he is interested in this call to un-establish and its place within performance practices. He will explore with participants what this means to un-establish, what labor does it demand, what are the processes involved, where are the points of resistance, doubt, discontent and disconnection?

The workshop will be a collective reading and debate of a story by science fiction writer Ursula K. Le Guin. The dilemma with which the story confronts the reader will serve as the basis for group discussions and active artistic provocations.

This exclusive workshop is especially for ArtEZ BEAR students. In addition, there are some places (circa 8) available for other interested students from ARTEZ. First come, first served. Be quick!