The Art of Feminism with Aline Hernández

Radical Imaginings: Art Practices of/for Justice

reading groupTuesday 8 October '19

WALTER books, Arnhem → Looierstraat 43, Arnhem(archive)

Host: Catelijne de Muijnck

Artistic and cultural practices have time and again contributed in meaningful ways to struggles for justice: whether by stirring up debate, contesting the hegemony of the visible, or even disputing the essence and frames of justice itself. Drawing from this, this reading group gathering with writer and curator Aline Hernández sets out to look into alternative ways of imagining and pursuing justice through art related practices. It aims to go beyond the confines of a unanimous understanding of justice in order to delve into its plurality. Central to the discussion will be the problem of visibility/invisibility, radical imagination, as well as the politics of appearance and collectivity in relation to art and aesthetics.

To prepare, please read the following texts:

Aline Hernández is a researcher, writer and curator. As a Fundación Jumex Arte Contemporáneo scholar she is currently pursuing a master in Media, Arts, and Performance Studies at Utrecht University. She is a member of the artist-run collective Cooperativa Cráter Invertido based in México City. Her writings have been published in Parkett Art Magazine, Das Platforms journal, La Tempestad, among others.