Stylized Repetition of Acts

Practice-led symposium on gender and identity: Stylized Repetition Of Acts?

Thursday 1 February '18


With NEON, Liedeke Plate and Isis Germano

This dance research symposium is part of Moving Futures and meant for dance professionals. In this practice-led symposium ArtEZ Bachelor of Dance, ArtEZ Studium Generale, the National Centre Performing Arts and De Nieuwe Oost wish to establish and deepen a dialogue between dance professionals to be able to understand what are current issues in the field and to be able to strengthen the field by allowing for words to follow practice.

How do dance and performance address gender/identity?
In recent years there have been several performances addressing the concept of gender/identity. Some of these take a personal stance and are based on personal experiences of the maker while others tend to be more politically driven. These works of art provoke a dialogue with or at least a reaction from their audiences. Since the issue of gender is highly influenced by how the onlooker perceives, this raises various questions a maker needs to deal with. Many choreographers have been creating work dealing with the notion of gender as “stylized repetition of acts”, as Judith Butler described it. By doing so they are also confronted with the question asked by Ann Cooper Albright: What would it mean “to destabilize a cultural identity without denying the very real materiality of the body?” In recent years a new push can be noticed in the discussion on gender and dance professionals seem to be embracing this by actively addressing gender issues in their work or by taking the more fluid approach to gender as a given.
This symposium addresses the subject of gender/identity to be discussed and at the same time it aims to strengthen the field by starting to develop a lexicon of and by the dance field itself. The dance field struggles to explicate its own relevance outside of the performance situation. There is a need for a stronger voice representing the dance field in both the societal and the political arena.

14.00-14.45 introductory conversation by Liedeke Plate and Isis Germano with collective NEON
15.00-16.30 practical sessions in small groups
16.45-17.30 conclusion and exchange of experiences
17.30-18.00 drinks in the foyer

20:30 the first night of Moving Futures Arnhem in Stadstheater Arnhem.
Participants of this symposium get a discount of 5 euros for this evening with Jasper van Luijk’s new performance BLISS.

Practical Information
For Dance professionals
Where: Theater a/d Rijn, Arnhem
When: February 1st 14.00-18.00h
Costs: Entrance is free of charge, however registration is required
Application Mandatory, you can apply by sending an e-mail to

Organizing partners
Productiehuis De Nieuwe Oost, ArtEZ Bachelor of Dance, ArtEZ Studium Generale and NCPA.