Still against all logic”*

workshopThursday 14 March '19

Conservatorium Enschede(archive)

Music has the special ability to bring people together. Music can create space for shared experiences and sometimes also express the voice of the crowd or group. In protest songs or performances during demonstrations music becomes even amplifier of protest.

During Still, against all logic, we work with artists and musicians who act on the cutting edge of art, music and technology. How do they realize that common feeling? Which collaborations do they undertake? In what way do they contribute to social, political and artistic developments with their work?

The day starts with a plenary part. After the break, you can choose one of the three workshops; from Katayoun Arian, Blaxtar or Pax.

10.30: walk in
11.00 – 12.30: presentations, short introduction of the guests and Q&A
12.30 – 13.15: break
13.15 – 16.30: workshops Katayoun Arian, Blaxtar and Pax

*From: Dimensions: Interwoven, by Gerald Clayton.

1. Workshop Katayoun Arian – Mixtapes: Listening Otherwise
The interactive workshop Mixtapes: Listening Otherwise, led by Katayoun Arian, seeks to explore the ways in which (the making of) a mixtape can cultivate our ability to listen. By focusing on the ‘narrative arc’ of the mixtape, the workshop delves into the potential of the mixtape as a historical document that can activate and rearrange cultural imageries, sounds, histories, thoughts, ideas and their often complex entanglements in the post-digital age.
During this workshop, Arian will explore the potential of the mixtape beyond its aesthetic form and as an outlet for emotional self-expression, through selection, juxtaposition, and remixing. Participants will engage in the recording of a digital mixtape through various listening exercises.

Please note: for this workshop you will need a laptop and headphones. Please let us know if we should arrange one for you. Further instructions will be given to you after you sign up.

2. Workshop Blaxtar – Creative Revolution
The workshop of Blaxtar (Kevin de Randamie) is about big and small revolutions. How does the artistic work of artists influence emancipatory movements? And how have emancipatory movements influenced the artistic work of artists? Did the social changes in society pave the way for great artists as Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z and Michael Jackson? And have the social circumstances an effect on you and your practice? Where are you in your ‘revolution’? In this workshop Blaxtar will deepen the discussion on the way practices are developed and sustained.

3. Workshop Pax – Origin stories
Growing up, Pax turned to hip hop in moments of need and social isolation as he was bullied for having epileptic seizures. Alone in his room, he recognized himself in the struggles that his favorite artists sang about. Those songs empowered him; they gave him the strength to fight his own fight. For Pax, hip hop was his liberation. By examining his experiences, Pax will talk about how his liberation, or as he calls it ‘origin story’ has changed his life, and his understanding of music. In this workshop participants will work on their origin stories.