Jeanine van Berkel - A score for silence, 2021 (Foto: Anastasija Kiake)

Soft Histories – Embodied writing workshop by Jeanine van Berkel

Thursday 11 November '21 AKI Enschede

taal: English spoken
entree: Admission is free, just register below. Max. 10 people.
What exists in between remembering, forgetting and imagination? During the workshop we will explore how to listen to (generational) knowledge in our bodies and translate this into writing. In what way does writing from lived experience make new ways of making, living and theorizing possible? We will look into how embodied writing – especially when it incorporates photographs, music, citations, stories, memories, or performances – provide an exercise in reading and listening differently.

Jeanine van Berkel is a graphic designer, visual researcher and writer. She is interested in what way her multi-ethnic body relates to the bigger colonial structures – especially focusing on the relationship between Curaçao and the Netherlands. In her ongoing research and story through the semi-forgotten memory of herself and (un)known history of her various motherlands, she looks for answers and shapes what silence looks like.

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