Still of The Tree by Tally Mbok

Online screening: The tree, a video by Tally Mbok

Thursday 25 February '21

The Tree (5.30 minutes) is made by Tally Mbok and is part of the symposium ‘My learning is affected by the condition of my life’ by Aude Christel Mgba.

Tally Mbok lives and works in Douala Cameroon. He is an experimental artist and founder of the concept "ancestral future", project of research into the archives of African belief systems.

In the video ‘The tree’, Tally Mbok goes through the monologue of a man leaving his home for a new voyage. In the middle of the courtyard, he goes over the film and souvenirs of his life and the stages of his training as a human being that will contribute later on to the whole community. His souvenirs emerge as he gazes at this tree that witnessed his upbringing. This tree served as a transmission room, a space for sharing and listening. This tree has helped to solidify the links with the community of mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts, of the village he belongs to as a son.

‘The tree’ is a commissioned video part of ‘My learning is affected by the condition of my life’, a symposium spread over time by Aude Christel Mgba, which is an experiment of various forms of learning, listening, touching, transmitting and producing knowledge.