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SEX & the Sexual Politics of the Gaze

one day festivalarchive → 15 Mar '18

Rozet and Theater aan de Rijn, Arnhem

Sex is all around us. On the internet and through other media as well, images of intertwined bodies and suggestive poses flash by constantly. How is sex being represented in the media and what does that say about our identity?


one day festivalarchive → 09 Nov '17

The phrase ‘The revolution will be live’ can be heard in the intro of every episode of season 6 of the popular, current events-based television series Homeland. As part of the international art exhibition Documenta, there is a ‘Monument to Revolution’ on Avdi Square, in the centre of Athens.

Lost in Transition

Identity in a changing world

one day festivalarchive → 16 Mar '17

In this day and age narcissism and pigeonholing reign supreme. An inward-looking attitude is omnipresent. It is expressed through our obsession with ‘self’, writes Thijs Lijster.

Art Research// Refl/acting on Arts

one day festivalarchive → 18 Nov '16

A conference on Art research. What do we mean by that? And how do we position it? What place does art research occupy in relation to academic research and practice-based research? What are the outcomes of art research?

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Art, the city and the future

one day festivalarchive → 10 Nov '16

The ‘circular city’, where things are recycled and shared, and where everybody claims and designs their own spaces, may well be the city of the future.

Chaos & Conflict

one day festivalarchive → 12 Feb '16

"Art that is aware of its position, that doesn’t wallow in its own correctness, and challenges one to reinterpret the world is far more interesting."

Frankenstein Festival

A three-day festival on man and art in a technological future

one day festivalarchive → 06 Nov '15

In Frankenstein; or, the Modern Prometheus Mary Shelley in 1818 already describes the currently relevant collision between curiosity and the idea of progress, and the deep-rooted fear of technological advancement.

The Great Memory Show

A one day festival on the brain and art

one day festivalarchive → 13 Feb '15

Memories are incredibly important. They make you who you are. We weave personal experience and ‘history’ into meaningful stories. These stories help us come to grips with the world around us and our own place within it.

Surfing & Diving

A one day festival on depth and meaning in a world of superficial temptations.

one day festivalarchive → 07 Nov '14

Where do you look for meaning? Do you dive deeply into books and spirituality? Or do you find it out by surfing across the crests of the waves all around you? Does one cancel the other out, or is superficiality the new profundity? A search for depth and happiness.

Just Another Day

Quite simple a festival to celebrate the power of the everyday.

one day festivalarchive → 14 Feb '14

Our daily lives are made up of patterns, rituals, encounters, and events. For some they are familiair and self-evident, for others they are mysterious and obscure.

A New Dawn

one day festivalarchive → 24 May '13

The metamodernists search for new ways to approach life. New worlds, new alternatives come into existence. A program on the foundations of art in a new world.


A disturbing day about those anxious gut feelings that are currently resounding throughout the arts and society at large.

one day festivalarchive → 04 Dec '12

The dark, death, disaster, spiders, terrorist attacks, an empty canvas, your personal limitations, the next step and the unknown. What is your greatest fear?


Play! Event on the actual meaning of play in art, science and society.

one day festivalarchive → 27 Apr '12


Many aspects of our life are made up of play; be it football, implicit dress codes or social etiquette at work. The arts, too, can be understood in terms of play.


Collaborate, interact, share. Event about the current meaning of friendship in the arts, scholarship and society

one day festivalarchive → 02 Dec '11

In today’s society, the concept of friendship had developed completely new content through social media as Facebook. What is a friend? And what does friendship signify for your life, identity and artistic calling?