Masterclass Samira’s Blues (North African Groove)

The emancipatory and healing power of Moroccan roots music

Friday 17 April '20

Conservatorium Enschede, Arkezaal → Van Essengaarde 10, 7511 PN Enschede13.00 - 14.00 hrs.

Host: Rana Ghavami

Join us for this masterclass Samira’s blues: the emancipatory and healing power of Moroccan roots music, with poet, singer, and writer Samira Dainan and guitarist Bas Gaakeer.

After finishing her degree in Law, Samira’s love for music evoked a long-term research into her Arabic, Berber and African heritage, and brought her to Morocco and the Sahara, where she played and collaborated with local musicians - ranging from Amazigh, Trans Sahara to North African folk.

In spite of its powerful sound, message and healing rhythm, countless alternative and emerging bands in Morocco and North Africa such as Tuareg bands Tinariwen and Bombino, this genre of music remains in the margins in the Netherlands. In this talk, Samira will discuss why she wants to create a stage for North African music together with her collaborator and band-member Bas Gaakeer.

They will focus on their artistic practice and the range of styles and traditions that play a role: Gwana music, Sufi music, music of the Southern Sahara, and their own desert blues sound. In essence, and in contrast to the classic Arabic music and commercial Moroccan music, these sounds and the Berber and local dialects are more in tune with the lived experience and sense of belonging of young Moroccans.

Next to this, they will touch upon the ritualistic practices of folk music and how they offer a way to engage freely with spirituality and religion through the work of Nass el Ghiwane, who were embraced wholeheartedly by Moroccan youth for the poetry in the 70s, as they broke with the ideals of classical, Andalusian and salon music.