Life after the academy – a late afternoon with Ama Josephine Budge

This event will take place in a different form in the near future

kitchen table conversationWednesday 15 April '20

Sophiagebouw ArtEZ Zwolle → Rhijnvis Feithlaan 50, Zwolle17.00 - 19.00 hrs.

Host: Mirjam Zegers
English spoken
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“But let's not project too far into the future. I would suggest looking no more than 500 years into the future." That's how Joseph Beuys concluded a conversation with his students about a new social order. He seems to indicate that an art practice or a human life is never only defined by individual, short-lived plans and dreams: rather think big, far and overarching.

Whether this interpretation of his advice is exactly correct, cannot be determined. However, those 500 years put the banal things that every maker has to deal with on a daily basis well in perspective. Beuys' suggestion therefore forms the starting point for the Kitchen Table Conversation organized by ArtEZ studium generale and Mister Motley on Wednesday 15 April.

Life after the academy may feel like an unclear, indefinable and fearful vision of the future for a student. Instead of clarifying this fact with practical matters, this evening focuses on the idea of thinking for the future and how it can put your own practice in perspective.

Writer, curator, artist and ‘pleasure activist’ Ama Josephine Budge will explore the connection between race, art, ecology and feminism from her personal perspective on April 15, before entering into a conversation with the audience. A conversation about thinking and shaping a future for you as a maker and the world in which you work.

Do you already have a question or do you want to bring your own ideas or your own work to the (kitchen) table? Please send an email to Mirjam Zegers (m.zegers@artez.nl) with your proposals. Indicate whether you want to ask the question yourself or rather have it asked by the moderator.

As an introduction, you can see earlier conversations and talks by Ama Josephine Budge on her website.

Ama Josephine Budge (Photo: Zachary Maxwell Stertz)