Leesgroep De Kunst van het Feminisme: Living a Feminist Life - Sara Ahmed

reading groupTuesday 8 May '18

WALTER books, Arnhem → Looierstraat 43, Arnhem(archive)

Host: Catelijne de Muijnck

Over the past few years, the discussion around the position of women in our society has returned with a vengeance. Although in 2018 (almost) everybody agrees that men and women are entitled to equal rights, in practice this often proves to be quite disappointing. For exactly the same work, Dutch women still earn 1,664 euros less per year than their male colleagues and many positions of power, in politics as well as in companies, are mostly occupied by men. Now the labour market, politics and therefore this inequality may seem rather distant, but what about the chances of women in the arts and culture sector, the world in which you will end up yourselves?

Walking through the ArtEZ corridors, it is evident that there are quite a few female students, just as there are at many other art schools in The Netherlands. But looking at the arts and culture world, we see something different. In the world famous MOMA, only 5 percent of the permanent collection has been made by female artists; in 2007, 75% of the music played on Dutch radio was by male musicians, and it is striking that many male ArtEZ alumni somehow manage to realise an exhibition, show, performance or sale of their work in the first years after graduating, sooner than their female colleagues do. Where does this inequality come from and what does it tell us about the times we live in?

Partners: WALTER books, online magazine Mister Motley and ArtEZ Professorship Theory in the Arts

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