Lecture Manal Aldowayan

An Artistic Practice in a Transformative Contemporary Culture

lecturearchive → 12 Mar '19

Auditorium ArtEZ, Arnhem9.30 – 10.30 hrs

Museum Arnhem, together with ArtEZ/BEAR and ArtEZ studium generale, organize a lecture by Manal AlDowayan. AlDowayan is one of the participating artists of the exhibition Your Voice Matters in De Kerk Church, in Arnhem.

LectureThijs van Vuure: What is it like to be a bird?

What is it like to be a bird?

lecturearchive → 28 Feb '19

ArtEZ Arnhem, Collegezaal (M3.07)19.00 hrs

In a small birdhouse, birdsong is slowed down to human speed, mimicked and sped back up to a bird’s pace, allowing visitors to sing like a bird. In his project ‘What is it like to be a bird?’ Thijs van Vuure combines his interests in science, art, and philosophy, and he tries to generate questions and answers from this interdisciplinary perspective.

Lecture Yogi Ram

A view of the body from a non-Western perspective

lecturearchive → 27 Feb '19

ArtEZ Conservatorium concertzaal, Arnhem19.00 hrs

Yogi Ram, founding director of the Arhanta Yoga Ashrams (India and The Netherlands) and yoga Ram speaks about the body and how it is treated (our body and others) from a non-Western perspective.

Lecture Tina Lenz

Rituals as exchange gifts of social structure

lecturearchive → 26 Feb '19

ArtEZ Arnhem19.00 hrs

How can ceremonial gift-giving be both, positive and negative? And which spiritual gifts do we humans exchange between the profane world (daily life) and the sacred world?

Something Altogether Weirder

A Meeting On Metamodernism with Timotheus Vermeulen

lecturearchive → 31 May '18

WALTER books, Arnhem

“Postmodernism is dead, but something altogether weirder has taken its place.”
Adrian Searle, art critic (2009)

White State – Black Mind / Jaamil Olawale Kosoko

lecturearchive → 13 Apr '18

ArtEZ Auditorium, Arnhemlecture: 11.00-12.15 & workshop: 13.00-16.00

Performance and other forms of creative practice can reimagine or reframe the world, but how does performance as an activist practice help us foreground and work through structural and systemic forms of violence and oppression, in particular as these relate to Black identities?

Johan Grimonprez: Blue Orchids

Johan Grimonprez: filmscreening Blue Orchids (2017) + interview by Erik Viskil

lecturearchive → 29 Jan '18

Filmtheater Focus11.00 - 13.30 hrs

Meet the international acclaimed artist Johan Grimonprez and learn about the international arms trade, greed and consciousness as something that comes about in community.