Pedro Neves Marques: film still


Sentient encounters film night on queerness

Tuesday 27 September '22 AKI Enschede
16:30 - 20:30

English spoken
Join us and our guest curator Erik Martinson after your classes and some rest for another night with good food, pansy encounters, and a vibrant selection of artist films @ AKI Auditorium. At Inhale-Hold-Exhale we will ease into the night with the selection of four artist films.
In between the screenings and afterwards, we will discuss with one another how queerness can be meaningful in thinking through many forms of ‘non-human’ or ‘more-than-human’ encounters, and the agency of sentient beings that are involved in these encounters. After the screenings, we will engage Erik in a conversation about queerness, and hear about his intentions, curatorial experiences, and points of reference for this series.

Inhale-Hold-Exhale is a night on queerness and sentient encounters, and as Erik suggests in his introduction: it is also about carving a space out of time, a pocket of pauses built for defense, reflection, and organizing action.

NB Soon we will host a workshop on queering in/through artistic research. Keep an eye on our website for the full programme.


False Wife, Jamie Crewe, 2022, 15:32
‘False Wife’ is a poppers training video, but its material is obscure. Its narrative is drawn from a variety of folk tales in which transformation occurs, and relationships happen.

A Mordida, The Bite, Pedro Neves Marques, 2019, 25:37
In Pedro Neves Marques’s atmospheric, sci-fi-tinged fiction set against the backdrop of a crisis-stricken São Paulo. Marques imagines an anxious present in which the promise of a better tomorrow relies on new conceptions of intimacy, identity, and reproduction

Trans-Port Me, Danielle Braithwaite-Shirley, 2019, 11:48
‘Trans-Port me’ is a film about Travelling/not-travelling while Trans. How other bodies stop us moving forwards. How moving forwards while your body Changes challenges a normal everyday commute.

After the Ice, the Deluge, Linda Stupart, 2020, 16:26
After the Ice, the Deluge’ figures relationships between the melting polar ice caps and other traumatised, abject, alien, and outsider bodies – queering the question of survival towards less boundaried ways of being in crisis.

Sentient Encounters is a collaboration between Sjoerd van Oevelen (Department head of Moving Image, AKI Enschede), Agnieszka Anna Wołodźko (initiator and lecturer AKI BIO MATTTERs), and supported by ArtEZ studium generale.


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