How on Earth presents Living Images

film screeningThursday 5 September '19

Room 1.12 AKI ArtEZ Enschede(archive)

The film program is free and open to public. Please feel welcome!

Do images move us? If so, in what direction? What has capturing “the world on fire” brought us, ranging from naïvely dangerous images of children playing with pebbles in cities during heat-waves to horrific birds-eye views of deforestation? Do we know better? Or are we just stunned and limited in our actions?

How we make something visible or invisible is an ecological act. On what grounds can we act, create and care in times of heightened ecological crisis? Can we even remain attached to artistic practices?

The film series How on Earth? is about creative practices that can teach us how we can endure life, and envision forms of co-habitation on this damaged planet. This series is dedicated to artists, filmmakers, activists, and theorists, who through their work refute the universalising logic of techno-optimism or pessimism, and eco-efficiency of petro-capitalism. Together with invited guests we will discuss how we are accountable for the visual propositions we make.

We will kick off this series with a short introduction to the minor “Living Images”, as part of AKI BIO MATTERS artistic research program. Followed with a screening of Communication with the Non-Human, curated for the One Minutes by Melanie Bonajo.

About the film
What does a plant know? What goes on inside the mind of funny bot? Do PMS dolphins turn into cranky bitches? All around us, complex systems of giving and receiving are performed by rather ancient and marginalized machines like corals, grass, seahorses and even rather primitive creatures, such as dogs and families. Through practical observation, the multifarious communication between humans and non-humans can be viewed as responsive behavior, defined by one designating the future behavior of all. Let's think over this arrangement for a while. Otherwise we might, in the near future, end up belonging to that misunderstood class, at odds with its environment.Melanie Bonajo

This film series is a collaboration between Dr. Agnieszka Anna Wolodzko, AKI ArtEZ, and ArtEZ studium generale.