Lecture Elizabeth Losh, interview by Margarita Osipian

lectureMonday 24 June '19

Werkplaats Typografie. Arnhem → The Living Room, Werkplaats Typografie, Agnietenplaats 2, Arnhem(archive)

English spoken

What is a hashtag for? Is it simply a character, invented by Silicon Valley, to facilitate an electronic search and a way to name things? Or is it a tool to facilitate political actions and steer participants in social movements?

In this talk, our guest Elizabeth Losh discusses how the hashtag, as a cultural artefact, is the result of accreted sets of practices and invisible labour, involving negotiating competing claims about identity, ownership, and naming conventions. She will be joined by Margarita Osipian for a discussion. This event is generously hosted by our colleagues at De Werkplaats Typografie. Please join us at the ‘Living Room’.