Workshop: Shy parasiting and a zineculture-inspired event

empowermentWed 29 May '19

Zinedepo / Motel Spatie13:30 - 16:30

The reading of Shy Radicals will be followed-up on Wednesday by a workshop co-lead by Hamja Ahsan and Marc van Elburg, who runs the Zinedepo at Motel Spatie in Arnhem.

Reading of Shy Radicals with Hamja Ahsan

empowermentTue 28 May '19

WALTER books, Arnhem19.30 doors open, 20.00 start

The book Shy Radicals: Antisystemic Politics of the Militant Introvert tells of the laws, customs and values of Aspergistan, a utopian state for introverted people.

Augusto Boal (Photo: Jean-Gabriel Carasso, 1979)

Theatre for social change!

Using Theatre of the Oppressed, a method by Augusto Boal, by Maike Koolhaas and Jennifer van Exel

empowermentarchive → 11 May '19

auditorium ArtEZ Arnhem9.00 to 13.00 hrs

The goal of this theatre training is to enhance social inclusion and intercultural exchanges and to have a long lasting impact on participants, so that they can become the catalyst for social inclusion at the school.

Assertive Communication Training (English spoken)

Sarita Bajnath

empowermentarchive → 13 Apr '19

ArtEZ in Arnhem9.30 to 12.00 hrs.

How to get to say what you want without becoming aggressive, passive aggressive or let people walk all over you. Being assertive is about getting your points across while you understand and take into account the views of others.

Assertieve Communicatie Training (Nederlandse gesproken)

Sarita Bajnath

empowermentarchive → 30 Mar '19

ArtEZ in Arnhem9.30 - 12.00 uur

Hoe je kunt zeggen wat je wilt zonder agressief of passief agressief te zijn of mensen over je heen te laten lopen. Assertief zijn betekent je punten overbrengen terwijl je anderen begrijpt en rekening houdt met anderen.

Training Powerplay: Energy management on a strategic level to create space for your ambition

door Noor Bongers, Nederlands gesproken, alleen voor ArtEZ-studenten

empowermentarchive → 30 Mar '19

ArtEZ in Arnhem14.00 tot 17.00 uur

Leiderschap nemen over je potentie. Kraakhelder krijgen wat jij in de wereld te doen hebt en dat vormgeven vanuit je diepste kern. Integer en zonder enige concessie.