Diversity Stories – Podcast Release Party

With live performances by the makers

Friday 18 May '18 Arnhem, Kantine Rietveldgebouw

On 18 May, studium generale and Dennis Gaens (writer, radio producer, lecturer in Creative Writing) will launch the podcast entitled Diversity Stories. With contributions by Silas Neumann, Hester Brands & Chet Bugter & Chinouk Filique de Miranda, Asu Aksu & Zahide Fürstenberger, Femke Bosma, Renske van Gelder & Tosca Mitkowska & Marieke Sytema (WIIS), Nina de Haas, Christine Ayo and Pelumi Adejumo.

The podcast entitled Diversity Stories presents a kaleidoscopic interpretation of the topic of diversity from a student’s perspective. With very personal stories about gender and identity, outspoken criticism of the fashion system, discussions on what your name reveals about you, a genuine Menstruation opera, extremely witty dialogues between two expats complaining about food culture, language and bureaucracy, and more.

Diversity Stories is produced by ondercast, commissioned by ArtEZ studium generale.

Note: The podcast consists of contributions in English and in Dutch. The voice-overs are in Dutch. Because the stories are often very personal and to ensure coherence of the podcast as a whole, we have decided to let people speak in their first language as much as possible.