Daytrip Indulgent Reading in the Train

Workshop in the context of the Indulgent Reading Group

Monday 12 June '23 Live / Travel in the train
June 12 (whole day)

taal: English

Workshop in the context of the Indulgent Reading Group

Hosted by:
Fai Aldhukair (student MA HPP / junior curator SG) & qihang & Ionna Mitza (alumni ArtEZ)

We invite you to go with us on a daytrip

While traveling on the train we remain (intentionally) in the between space, to create a new relation with how we produce and consume knowledge.

We indulge together in the embodied practice of knowledge that is yet to be understood or grasped. And engage in a practice of contemplative reading practice that adjusts to the discontinuities of knowledge – an entry point to new ways of knowledge making.

Come and join us in the embodied in between state of knowledge making.
The whole trip as a 'reading period'
physical sensation during a transitional space
let the reading also hover in the state between the two
perceiving the ‘boundary’ between different things and states may breed
the bridge of connection with each other.

What does it mean to read a text within a liminal space?
What does it mean to deliberately make time for indulging in reading everywhere?
How do you surrender to a knowledge that maybe not known or grasped?
how is knowledge shared beyond spoken language?


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This day trip is a collaboration of fai (student MA HPP) & qihang (alumna Werkplaats Typography) / co-facilitated by ionna (alumni BEAR).

fai is second year student at the Master Home of Performance Practices of ArtEZ. Since January ’23 she combines this with being SG’s first junior curator and has set up the Temporarily Untitled Reading Group, Indulgent reading and collective knowledges.

qihang is observing the pursuits in her surroundings. by recording and transmitting her observation into corporeal gestures – related to writing, telling, signaling, and situating, her projection becomes an impression through the conversation with the audience. she folds her sense of mediumship directly into fleeting moments of actual life so that it becomes impossible to tell one from the other. her work is a quietly delivered sequence of epistolary exchanges that speak and breathe in the fabric and textures of the world she lives in.

Ioanna Mitza was born in Gjirokaster (Albania), grew up in Athens, and is a Netherlands-based artist. She holds a piano Diploma from Athens Music Society conservatory (2011), a BA in Piano Solo Performance from the Norwegian Academy of Music/NMH - Oslo (2016), and a BA in artistic research from Base for Experiment, Art and Research department, ArtEZ - Arnhem (2021).

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