Assertive Communication Training (English spoken)

Sarita Bajnath

empowerment trainingSaturday 13 April '19

ArtEZ in Arnhem(archive)

Host: Fleur Bokhoven

How to get to say what you want without becoming aggressive, passive aggressive or let people walk all over you. Being assertive is about getting your points across while you understand and take into account the views of others. After this training you will feel more confident in expressing your feelings and getting your point across. Your connection to others will enhance. You will notice when a relationship is toxic or when you just differ in expressing yourself. We will see how important body language is.
The group will be small so there will be room for personal stories and connections. The atmosphere will be educational, warm and social.

Time to Listen, Time to Voice up!
This spring, three sessions of empowerment trainings are being hosted together with the BEAR student platform School of Missing Men, and guest-curated by two of its members: Yuchen Li and Janna van Welsem.

As an artist it is important to make your voice heard. Yet, due to cultural differences and social structures, certain voices are more easily heard than others. How does an artist with a privileged position, or an artist who is less represented, get their points across while taking account of diverse perspectives? How do we gain confidence in listening, sharing, expressing and articulating in a multi-cultural environment? And how does an artist speak up in the face of institutional power? When is it their responsibility to voice out? When is it their responsibility to listen? How do artists find their agency to bring about change in actions of solidarity?

In times when artists are still continuously asked to brand themselves or to have an individual position within the field, we are reexamining this idea by analysing how we relate to each other, through having social awareness and self-reflexivity, active participation and involvement, accountability and encouragement for individual and collective actions.

We aim for these trainings to have long-lasting impact, through which an individual becomes a catalyst for social change in the school environment, as well as, in the work field and everyday life thereafter.

30th March – Assertive Communication Training (Dutch spoken)
13th April – Assertive Communication Training (English spoken)
11th May (TBC) – Theatre of the Oppressed Intervention Workshop (English spoken)

How to find your voice
A series of empowerment trainings

As an artist you have the opportunity to create your stamp on the world. This is the artist’s voice and everyone has a different process for finding his/her voice. ArtEZ studium generale will start this spring a series of different trainings to help you find your voice.

We define empowerment as training in active participation, involvement, accountability, encouragement, setting boundaries and expectations, listening to and acknowledging other people’s ideas. We see it as a process. The process through which an individual becomes an agent of change.

For whom?
For all ArtEZ BA and MA students

All trainings are intensive in character and open for a limited number of participants. Writing a short motivation is part of the registration process and can be part of a selection.