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Opening New Academic Year: Hidden Histories

Stakes of the unsaid of a heavy colonial past

eventarchive → 11 Sep '19

ArtEZ Theatrium 1

Aude Christel Mgba and Vincent Van Velsen, co-curators from sonsbeek2020 will be in conversation with Jessica De Abreu and Mitchell Esajas from The Black Archives on the project 'Ten times more history'.


How on Earth presents Living Images

film screeningarchive → 05 Sep '19

Room 1.12 AKI ArtEZ Enschede

How on Earth? is about creative practices that can teach us how we endure life, and envision forms of co-habitation on this damaged planet.


Lecture Elizabeth Losh, interview by Margarita Osipian

lecturearchive → 24 Jun '19

Werkplaats Typografie. Arnhem

What is a hashtag for? Is it simply a character, invented by Silicon Valley, to facilitate an electronic search and a way to name things? Or is it a tool to facilitate political actions and steer participants in social movements?


Grenzen tussen man en vrouw vervagen. Wat betekent dat voor ontwerpers?

lecturearchive → 20 Jun '19

Studio Verheyden, Arnhem

Een avond over wat ontwerpers kunnen betekenen in de vraagstukken rondom de vervagende grenzen tussen man en vrouw en de zoektocht naar identiteit.

Workshop: Shy parasiting and a zineculture-inspired event

empowermentarchive → 29 May '19

Zinedepo / Motel Spatie

The reading of Shy Radicals will be followed-up on Wednesday by a workshop co-lead by Hamja Ahsan and Marc van Elburg, who runs the Zinedepo at Motel Spatie in Arnhem.

Reading of Shy Radicals with Hamja Ahsan

empowermentarchive → 28 May '19

WALTER books, Arnhem

The book Shy Radicals: Antisystemic Politics of the Militant Introvert tells of the laws, customs and values of Aspergistan, a utopian state for introverted people.

Man Made - Sunny Bergman

De kunst van het feminisme

reading grouparchive → 21 May '19

Focus Filmtheater

Documentaire en nagesprek met Sunny Bergman over mannelijkheid. Een samenwerking tussen ArtEZ studium generale, Mister Motley en Focus Filmtheater.

Urgent Publishing

conferencearchive → 15 May '19

Amsterdam & Arnhem

Institute of Network Cultures, ArtEZ University of the Arts and Willem de Kooning Academy are happy to invite you to Urgent Publishing, a conference with presentations and workshops about publishing strategies in post-truth times.

Olu Oguibe, Das Fremdlinge und Flüchtlinge Monument, 2017, Documenta, Kassel

Kitchen Table Conversation met de Master Kunsteducatie

Diversiteit en inclusie: een positieverkenning

kitchen table conversationarchive → 13 May '19

Het Lab, Zwolle

Kan kunst een antwoord bieden op belangrijke sociale, politieke en culturele vraagstukken, zoals culturele diversiteit en inclusie?

Augusto Boal (Photo: Jean-Gabriel Carasso, 1979)

Theatre for social change!

Using Theatre of the Oppressed, a method by Augusto Boal, by Maike Koolhaas and Jennifer van Exel

empowermentarchive → 11 May '19

auditorium ArtEZ Arnhem

The goal of this theatre training is to enhance social inclusion and intercultural exchanges and to have a long lasting impact on participants, so that they can become the catalyst for social inclusion at the school.

Assertive Communication Training (English spoken)

Sarita Bajnath

empowermentarchive → 13 Apr '19

ArtEZ in Arnhem

How to get to say what you want without becoming aggressive, passive aggressive or let people walk all over you. Being assertive is about getting your points across while you understand and take into account the views of others.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner Too? van Patricia Kaersenhout


reading grouparchive → 03 Apr '19

De Kerk Arnhem

Interview & workshop met Patricia Kaersenhout (kunstenaar/activist), Simone Zeefuik (interview) & Veronique Efomi (spoken word)

Assertieve Communicatie Training (Nederlandse gesproken)

Sarita Bajnath

empowermentarchive → 30 Mar '19

ArtEZ in Arnhem

Hoe je kunt zeggen wat je wilt zonder agressief of passief agressief te zijn of mensen over je heen te laten lopen. Assertief zijn betekent je punten overbrengen terwijl je anderen begrijpt en rekening houdt met anderen.

Biomatters of a precarious future

symposiumarchive → 27 Mar '19

Tetem Enschede

De tentoonstelling Biodesign of Plastocene in Tetem wordt geopend met een symposium over de uitdagingen en problemen van het Antropoceen, georganiseerd in samenwerking met curator dr. Agnieszka Anna Wołodźko en ArtEZ studium generale.

How to make a podcast

workshoparchive → 26 Mar '19

Richard den Haring geeft een workshop over podcasts maken. In anderhalf uur worden alle facetten van het medium podcast toegelicht aan de hand van heldere voorbeelden.


Kitchen Table Conversations - Lisa Hu

kitchen table conversationarchive → 25 Mar '19

Sophiagebouw Zwolle

"'Deze willen we niet. We willen geen mensen met overgewicht op ons eiland.'
Gwen (10) pakt een van de houten poppetjes – inderdaad iets breder dan de andere poppetjes – en legt het aan de zijkant van het speelbord.

Still against all logic”*

workshoparchive → 14 Mar '19

Conservatorium Enschede

Music has the special ability to bring people together. Music can create space for shared experiences and sometimes also express the voice of the crowd or group. In protest songs or performances during demonstrations music becomes even amplifier of protest.

Lecture Manal Aldowayan

An Artistic Practice in a Transformative Contemporary Culture

lecturearchive → 12 Mar '19

Auditorium ArtEZ, Arnhem

Museum Arnhem, together with ArtEZ/BEAR and ArtEZ studium generale, organize a lecture by Manal AlDowayan. AlDowayan is one of the participating artists of the exhibition Your Voice Matters in De Kerk Church, in Arnhem.

LectureThijs van Vuure: What is it like to be a bird?

What is it like to be a bird?

lecturearchive → 28 Feb '19

ArtEZ Arnhem, Collegezaal (M3.07)

In a small birdhouse, birdsong is slowed down to human speed, mimicked and sped back up to a bird’s pace, allowing visitors to sing like a bird. In his project ‘What is it like to be a bird?’ Thijs van Vuure combines his interests in science, art, and philosophy, and he tries to generate questions and answers from this interdisciplinary perspective.

Lecture Yogi Ram

A view of the body from a non-Western perspective

lecturearchive → 27 Feb '19

ArtEZ Conservatorium concertzaal, Arnhem

Yogi Ram, founding director of the Arhanta Yoga Ashrams (India and The Netherlands) and yoga Ram speaks about the body and how it is treated (our body and others) from a non-Western perspective.

Lecture Tina Lenz

Rituals as exchange gifts of social structure

lecturearchive → 26 Feb '19

ArtEZ Arnhem

How can ceremonial gift-giving be both, positive and negative? And which spiritual gifts do we humans exchange between the profane world (daily life) and the sacred world?

The Body as Ground of Belonging

kitchen table conversationarchive → 25 Feb '19

Theaterzaal, Zwolle

What does it mean to be at home in a body? And what does it take to find a space in society where your body can belong, safely and freely?

Leesgroep De Kunst van het Feminisme - Nancy Jouwe

Leesgroep over intersectioneel feminisme

reading grouparchive → 05 Feb '19

WALTER books, Arnhem

Deze aflevering van leesgroep gaan we in op de slogan ‘My Feminism Will Be Intersectional Or It Will Be Bullshit’ van de in Amsterdam woonachtige schrijfster Flavia Dzodan.

How about love? In the wake of the Nashville Statement

kitchen table conversationarchive → 25 Jan '19

ArtEZ Academy, Rietveld canteen, Arnhem

What can we do to create open conversations and feel safe? How do we call out and speak back, not from anger but from love? How do we respond as an institute, person and artist? And can we come together and build care and solidarity?

Leesgroep De Kunst van het Feminisme - Daan Borrel

Leesgroep en workshop over seksualiteit, intimiteit en autonomie door Daan Borrel

reading grouparchive → 09 Jan '19

WALTER books, Arnhem

ArtEZ studium generale organiseert maandelijks een lezing en leesgroep over feminisme. Deze aflevering van de leesgroep gaat over seksualiteit en stelt vragen over intimiteit en verlangens in het hoofd én de onderbuik van de mens.


A happening with artists, scholars and students on home & citizenship

symposiumarchive → 08 Nov '18

ArtEZ Academie, Zwolle

When do you really feel safe, at home and welcome?

Leesgroep De Kunst van het Feminisme met Jens van Tricht

reading grouparchive → 06 Nov '18

WALTER books, Arnhem

ArtEZ studium generale organiseert maandelijks een lezing en leesgroep over feminisme. Deze avond start de leesgroep met een inleiding door Jens van Tricht. Hij is wegbereider van de mannenemancipatie in Nederland.

Leesgroep De Kunst van het Feminisme - Linda Duits

reading grouparchive → 02 Oct '18

WALTER books, Arnhem

Sociaalwetenschapper Linda Duits is gespecialiseerd in populaire cultuur; in het bijzonder op het gebied van gender en seksualiteit.

Kitchen Table Conversation with Lina Issa

In Pursuit of an Encounter

kitchen table conversationarchive → 27 Sep '18

Perrontheater, Zwolle

ArtEZ Studium generale welcomes Lebanese artist Lina Issa for this edition of the Kitchen Table Conversations. Together, we will explore issues of home, (dis)placement, cultural identity and empathy.

The Art of Feminism: How To Move From ‘I’ To ‘we’

reading grouparchive → 11 Sep '18

ArtEZ Arnhem, theatrium, theatre 2

An evening for scholars, activists and (aspiring) artists to explore notions of ‘I’ and ‘we’ in relation to collectivity and to propose movement towards solidarity and alliance.

Something Altogether Weirder

A Meeting On Metamodernism with Timotheus Vermeulen

lecturearchive → 31 May '18

WALTER books, Arnhem

“Postmodernism is dead, but something altogether weirder has taken its place.”
Adrian Searle, art critic (2009)

Fashion Colloquium 2018

Searching for the New Luxury

conferencearchive → 31 May '18

Musis Sacrum, Arnhem

More than 30 international academics and creative practitioners will present their research.

Diversity Stories – Podcast Release Party

With live performances by the makers

eventarchive → 18 May '18

Kantine Rietveldgebouw

On 18 May, studium generale and Dennis Gaens (writer, radio producer, lecturer in Creative Writing) will launch the podcast entitled Diversity Stories.

Leesgroep De Kunst van het Feminisme

Living a Feminist Life - Sara Ahmed

reading grouparchive → 08 May '18

WALTER books, Arnhem

Over the past few years, the discussion around the position of women in our society has returned with a vengeance. Although in 2018 (almost) everybody agrees that men and women are entitled to equal rights, in practice this often proves to be quite disappointing.

White State – Black Mind / Jaamil Olawale Kosoko

lecturearchive → 13 Apr '18

ArtEZ Auditorium, Arnhem

Performance and other forms of creative practice can reimagine or reframe the world, but how does performance as an activist practice help us foreground and work through structural and systemic forms of violence and oppression, in particular as these relate to Black identities?

Leesgroep De Kunst van het Feminisme

We must all be feminists - Chimananda Ngozi Adichi

reading grouparchive → 03 Apr '18

WALTER books, Looierstraat 43, Arnhem

In 2018, ArtEZ studium generale and WALTER books, online art magazine Mister Motley and the ArtEZ professorship of Theory in the Arts are initiating a reading group about feminism.

SEX & the Sexual Politics of the Gaze

one day festivalarchive → 15 Mar '18

Rozet and Theater aan de Rijn, Arnhem

Sex is all around us. On the internet and through other media as well, images of intertwined bodies and suggestive poses flash by constantly. How is sex being represented in the media and what does that say about our identity?

Stylized Repetition of Acts

Practice-led symposium on gender and identity: Stylized Repetition Of Acts?

symposiumarchive → 01 Feb '18

This dance research symposium is part of Moving Futures and meant for dance professionals.

Johan Grimonprez: Blue Orchids

Johan Grimonprez: filmscreening Blue Orchids (2017) + interview by Erik Viskil

lecturearchive → 29 Jan '18

Filmtheater Focus

Meet the international acclaimed artist Johan Grimonprez and learn about the international arms trade, greed and consciousness as something that comes about in community.


one day festivalarchive → 09 Nov '17

The phrase ‘The revolution will be live’ can be heard in the intro of every episode of season 6 of the popular, current events-based television series Homeland. As part of the international art exhibition Documenta, there is a ‘Monument to Revolution’ on Avdi Square, in the centre of Athens.


Digital trail across Europe (Closed Expert Meeting)

conferencearchive → 27 Sep '17

The proposed project topically focuses on a relatively unknown subject in European history, the large-scale historic trade in oxen across the EU landscape, touching many socio-economic and cultural aspects still relevant today.

Lost in Transition

Identity in a changing world

one day festivalarchive → 16 Mar '17

In this day and age narcissism and pigeonholing reign supreme. An inward-looking attitude is omnipresent. It is expressed through our obsession with ‘self’, writes Thijs Lijster.

Art Research// Refl/acting on Arts

one day festivalarchive → 18 Nov '16

A conference on Art research. What do we mean by that? And how do we position it? What place does art research occupy in relation to academic research and practice-based research? What are the outcomes of art research?

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Art, the city and the future

one day festivalarchive → 10 Nov '16

The ‘circular city’, where things are recycled and shared, and where everybody claims and designs their own spaces, may well be the city of the future.

Chaos & Conflict

one day festivalarchive → 12 Feb '16

"Art that is aware of its position, that doesn’t wallow in its own correctness, and challenges one to reinterpret the world is far more interesting."

Frankenstein Festival

A three-day festival on man and art in a technological future

one day festivalarchive → 06 Nov '15

In Frankenstein; or, the Modern Prometheus Mary Shelley in 1818 already describes the currently relevant collision between curiosity and the idea of progress, and the deep-rooted fear of technological advancement.

The Great Memory Show

A one day festival on the brain and art

one day festivalarchive → 13 Feb '15

Memories are incredibly important. They make you who you are. We weave personal experience and ‘history’ into meaningful stories. These stories help us come to grips with the world around us and our own place within it.

Surfing & Diving

A one day festival on depth and meaning in a world of superficial temptations.

one day festivalarchive → 07 Nov '14

Where do you look for meaning? Do you dive deeply into books and spirituality? Or do you find it out by surfing across the crests of the waves all around you? Does one cancel the other out, or is superficiality the new profundity? A search for depth and happiness.

Just Another Day

Quite simple a festival to celebrate the power of the everyday.

one day festivalarchive → 14 Feb '14

Our daily lives are made up of patterns, rituals, encounters, and events. For some they are familiair and self-evident, for others they are mysterious and obscure.

A New Dawn

one day festivalarchive → 24 May '13

The metamodernists search for new ways to approach life. New worlds, new alternatives come into existence. A program on the foundations of art in a new world.


A disturbing day about those anxious gut feelings that are currently resounding throughout the arts and society at large.

one day festivalarchive → 04 Dec '12

The dark, death, disaster, spiders, terrorist attacks, an empty canvas, your personal limitations, the next step and the unknown. What is your greatest fear?


Play! Event on the actual meaning of play in art, science and society.

one day festivalarchive → 27 Apr '12


Many aspects of our life are made up of play; be it football, implicit dress codes or social etiquette at work. The arts, too, can be understood in terms of play.


Collaborate, interact, share. Event about the current meaning of friendship in the arts, scholarship and society

one day festivalarchive → 02 Dec '11

In today’s society, the concept of friendship had developed completely new content through social media as Facebook. What is a friend? And what does friendship signify for your life, identity and artistic calling?